Twitter Reviews – January 2009

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Jessica Curtaz @ Bert Green (****) Finely-detailed graphite drawings of crumpled bags, clothes, etc. on gessoed panels. Love the patterns.
7:28 PM Jan 8th from txt

What’s the Matter with Mommy? @ Phantom Galleries LA (****) Stand-outs are Marion Lane, James Gilbert & Richard Kessler.
7:58 PM Jan 8th from txt

Change is the Only Constant @ Phantom Galleries LA (**) So-so body art and lots of real grass.
8:09 PM Jan 8th from txt

Pharmaka presents: The MAN Show (**) The only things I liked were the donkey paintings by John Scane. Cool raw space though.
8:32 PM Jan 8th from txt

Timothy Nolan: Edge @ Phantom Galleries LA (***) Crystal shapes in blue, black & silver tape. Simple, clean, cool.
8:50 PM Jan 8th from txt

New Mythologies @ Pharmaka (?) Way too crowded all night. What I can see over peoples’ heads doesn’t look like it’s worth fighting the mob.
8:58 PM Jan 8th from txt

Richard Wilson: Rises @ Carl Berg (*****) Absolutely pristine surfaces and edges with spot-on color combos on stacked canvases. Fav: Town to Town.
7:03 PM Jan 10th from txt

Julia Meltzler + David Thorne: In Possession of a Picture @ Steve Turner (****) This is the way to do social commentary.
7:09 PM Jan 10th from txt

Monique Prieto: A Boatfull of Spaniards Sing @ ACME (*) I so loved her blob paintings but so hate her word paintings. These are even worse than the last batch.
7:25 PM Jan 10th from txt

Maaike Schoorel: Nudes and garden @ Marc Foxx (*) Typical awkward conceptual painting that Marc shows.
7:30 PM Jan 10th from txt

Lisa Adams: The Future of Paradise Past @ Lawrence Asher (****) Her paintings are getting so lush. Fav: A Cause For Wandering.
7:55 PM Jan 10th from txt

Loren Sandvik: Abominable Fancy @ Acuna Hansen (***) Glass, metal, mirrors. Colored glass floor sculptures are the best.
8:39 PM Jan 10th from txt

Rolling & Ruling @ Sabina Lee (*****) Sweet. Zammitt’s sculptures were luminous and my favorites in the show.
9:03 PM Jan 10th from txt

David E. Stone: Unanticipated Despair (Despite Naive Optimism) @ Charlie James (***) Relies too much on the one-liner, but I liked the broken glass Twister.
9:08 PM Jan 10th from txt

Russell Crotty: Surfworks @ Shoshana Wayne (****) I didn’t think I was going to like these, but I did. Needs one more drawing in big room.
4:38 PM Jan 17th from txt

Kaz Oshiro: False Gestures @ Rosamund Felsen (*****) Illusion to perfection. I like the metallic blue panels with “tape.”
4:51 PM Jan 17th from txt

Winter Water Color Land & If I Do What You Tell Me Will You Love Me? @ Samuel Freeman (**) The gallery needs some better lights.
5:04 PM Jan 17th from txt

Alex Couwenberg: A Little Bit Left of All Right @ William Turner (****) Delicious. “Buzz Bomb” & “Evergleam” are the highlights.
6:15 PM Jan 17th from txt

Amy Bennett: At the Lake @ Richard Heller (***) Landscapes painted from scale model of lakefront homes with the inhabitants seemingly on holiday.
4:29 PM Jan 22nd from web

David Hilliard: Being Like @ Mark Moore (***) Poignant, melancholic narrative photographic triptychs. Especially liked “Rock Bottom”
4:29 PM Jan 22nd from web

Asgar/Gabriel: Bucolica Obscura @ Mark Moore (**) Wasted teenagers mashed with hot pink spray paint graffiti. Just rehashing the latest art world obsessions.
4:31 PM Jan 22nd from web

Seduction of a Blossom @ LBCC (***) Like a rose w/ thorns, blends the beauty of flowers w/ coded sentiments tinged w/ a lurking hint of mischief.
9:46 PM Jan 25th from web

Supersonic 2009 @ LA Art Show (**) Mind-boggling, the shear volume of underdeveloped artists flooding the Art World every single year.
6:47 PM Jan 26th from web

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