Twitter Reviews – June-July 2009

August 15, 2009 at 2:33 PM Leave a comment

I’m at Ben Maltz Gallery @ Otis looking at 3 Solo Projects: Lynn Aldrich/Jessica Rath/Carrie Ungerman.
11:44 AM Jun 12th from txt

Carrie Ungerman @ Ben Maltz (****) An exhilarating, shiny winter wonderland. #artLA
12:22 PM Jun 13th from TweetDeck

Jessica Rath @ Ben Maltz (****) Surface detail is fascinating. Mixes sorrow at its stunted state with hope for its perseverance. #artLA
12:23 PM Jun 13th from TweetDeck

I went to @OCMA last week to see “Illumination”–mostly because I’d seen a few Florence Pierce pieces before and wanted to see more.
11:51 PM Jun 20th from TweetDeck

Here’s some images of Florence Pierce’s work:
11:59 PM Jun 20th from

Illumination @OCMA (***) Paintings way too crowded & curatorial strings tying work together are pretty thin, but art worth seeing.
12:05 AM Jun 21st from TweetDeck

The Moving Image: Scan to Screen, Pixel to Projection @OCMA (***) I really cringe at a room full of TV sets. Also overcrowded.
12:07 AM Jun 21st from TweetDeck

In the museum setting I prefer video art that goes beyond the screen and truly uses the space of the gallery.
12:08 AM Jun 21st from TweetDeck

Otherwise I’d rather watch video art on my own screen in comfort.
12:09 AM Jun 21st from TweetDeck

I liked Shirley Shor’s “Landslide,” an animation of rapidly changing maps projected from overhead onto hilly white sand.
12:11 AM Jun 21st from

Gary Lang @ Ace Gallery BH (****) Truly magical as they glow from a distance, especially after seeing how they’re painted close up. #artLA
3:35 PM Jul 18th from TweetDeck

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