Twitter Reviews – September 2009

October 7, 2009 at 9:38 PM Leave a comment

Karl Benjamin @ CGU (****) Paintings from 1969-71 look as fresh as if painted yesterday. Bright colorful triangles within grids of squares.
8:34 PM Sep 1st from txt

Bruce Nauman: Leave the Land Alone @ Arroyo Seco (****) Really exciting when the planes started puffing smoke and letters appeared. #artLA
5:16 PM Sep 12th from txt

Jeni Spota: Fool’s Small Victory @ Kathryn Brennan (***) Liked small stripe painting best. Show a bit sparse and out of balance. Too soon?
5:20 PM Sep 12th from txt

Roger Herman @ Jancar (***) Architectural exteriors and interiors far superior to the figurative work. Straight lines v. curves?
5:37 PM Sep 12th from txt

Uudam Nguyen: Natural Feelings @ Sabina Lee (**) Too much political mumbo jumbo trying to prop up this work. Doesn’t really mean much.
5:50 PM Sep 12th from txt

Rachel Khedoori @ The Box (****) This work actually means something and presents it in a moving way.
6:03 PM Sep 12th from txt

Libby Black: Timeless @ Charlie James (*****) Great variety of work. Perfectly installed. Love the gouaches of vintage Vogue covers. #artLA
6:06 PM Sep 12th from txt

Ruth Pastine: Limitless @ Edward Cella (****) Best viewed at an angle. Favs are “Excruciating Pleasure” & “Ethics & Desire”. #artLA
7:04 PM Sep 12th from txt

Zoe Sheehan Saldana: Ersatz @ Steve Turner. Not sure I get the “why” but I like the “how.” Will rate later.
7:06 PM Sep 12th from txt

Kevin Appel: Drawings @ ACME (***) Pretty disappointing compared to his Citibank Emerging Artist Award paintings. #artLA
7:24 PM Sep 12th from txt

Seasonal Pictures @ ACME (**) Brad Eberhard is the only bright spot in this otherwise blah painting show.
7:31 PM Sep 12th from txt

Eric Johnson @ William Turner (****) Solid show. Translucent resin wall sculptures-one in red-orange, the other in royal blue-rock. #artLA
9:28 PM Sep 12th from txt

Oliver Sutter: Intention @ 24hr Gallery (***) Mix of cryptic symbols on bright color fields w/ hard-edge stripes & black letterbox bars.
1:12 PM Sep 20th from TweetDeck

Irving Penn: Small Trades @GettyMuseum (*****) Amazingly, the subjects are both individual and typical. #artLA
6:14 PM Sep 25th from TweetDeck

Irving Penn: The plain studio backdrop forces you to see the person instead of a scene, focusing on clothing details and facial expressions.
6:15 PM Sep 25th from TweetDeck

Irving Penn: Some are impressive because of their bravado like the London chef donning a toque & apron, arms crossed, knife in hand.
6:16 PM Sep 25th from TweetDeck

Irving Penn: Others are striking for their humble honesty like the New York groom wearing worn shoes and a sweater full of holes.
6:16 PM Sep 25th from TweetDeck

Joel Kyack: Knife Shop @ Kunsthalle (***) Like set 4 performance that doesn’t happen. Hints @ some ideas, but point left unexpressed. #artLA
6:26 PM Sep 26th from TweetDeck

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Inaugural Group Show @ Blum & Poe Baker’s Dozen @ Torrance Art Museum

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