Why I Don’t Follow You on Twitter

November 17, 2010 at 4:22 PM 3 comments

I actually take the time to look at the profile of every new follower I get.  I don’t, however, follow all of them back. In fact, I follow only about 20% of them.  Hopefully you’re following me because you’re interested in my tweets and not just looking for me to follow you back.  If I did follow you back, this post is not for you.  If I didn’t, and you’d like some friendly advice, here’s a list of possible reasons:

You don’t have an avatar.
If you can’t take the time to upload a picture, I won’t take the time to click the follow button.

You don’t have a bio or a website.
I’d like to know a little bit about who you are and what you’re interested in.  If you don’t have a bio, I can’t tell if we have mutual interests. If you don’t have a website, I can’t see the interesting art you’re making or gallery shows you’re blogging about.

You haven’t tweeted yet.
If I’m going to follow you that means I’m going to have to read your tweets. I can’t tell if you have anything interesting to say if you haven’t said anything yet.

You protect your tweet privacy.
Okay, I can take a hint. If you did really want me to follow you back, I suggest you change your settings. I’m not going to send you a request.  Besides, if I can’t see what you’ve tweeted, how can I tell if I want to follow you?

You @reply me with spam.
When you @reply me with a link to your blog/art/website/etc., and you @reply the same message to a bunch of other people as well, I’ll probably block you. This is what is known as SPAM.

You follow tons of people, but no one is following you.
Hey, if other people aren’t following you back, why should I?

You tweet in all CAPS.
I don’t want to be shouted at.

You quote famous people.
I don’t go for those inspirational quips or quasi-philosphical quotes on art from famous artists. I want to know what you think.

You repeat the same message frequently.
If you post messages like, “Hey, check out my website,” too often, it just looks like you’re trying to drive up your site hits. Interact with other people. Retweet things you find interesting. It’s not all about you.

You retweet people I already follow–a lot.
On the flip side, people who do nothing but @reply people I don’t follow, and retweet people I do follow don’t offer me anything more than what I’ve already got.

Your twitter stream is filled with promotional messages.
If you tweet about how I can increase my followers, get rich quick, find incredible real estate deals or make money at home, it tells me you don’t know twitter or how to avoid these scams. Either that, or you’re not a real person. In either case, I’m not interested.

You’re using a bot to follow keywords or hashtags.
Actually read my tweets and decide if you are interested in what I have to say, and if I might be interested in what you have to say. Just because I tweet about Miami doesn’t mean I live in Miami or care what your deli special is today.

Your tweets are exclusively from a blog or Facebook feed.
This tells me you probably don’t even read the tweets of those you follow because you’re not interacting with them. You’re on auto pilot, un-engaging, and not twitterati material.

You overuse hashtags.
I think hashtags are great for following an event or conversation, but don’t go overboard. If every other word in your tweets is a hashtag, it is difficult to read and looks like you’re trying too hard. Two hashtags per tweet, max.

You don’t tweet about art.
Hey, I’m interested in the art world, galleries, museums, art, artists, exhibitions. If you spend the majority of your time on twitter tweeting about other things, I’m probably not going to follow you.

You frequently start a tweet with “I favorited a YouTube video…”
I’m just not into the latest viral video or some favorite music video from the eighties, sorry.

You are constantly checking in on foursquare.
If you’re at a gallery or museum, I’m interested. But if you’re frequently checking in at the gym, work, coffee shop, etc., I could care less.

You say, “Good morning,” or “Good night,” every day.
I don’t have time for clutter like this. Get to your point.

You tweet more than 20 times a day, regularly.
People who blather on and on get ignored. You can’t have that many interesting things to say unless you’re live-tweeting a museum walkthrough or a panel discussion. You’re just taking up valuable space in my API call limits. Retweet only the best-of-the-best links, not everything you read that day.

You mention Etsy.
If you list Etsy in your website or bio, or are constantly asking people to check out your stuff on Etsy, I will not follow you.  I’m interested in the real art world.

You’re an online art marketer/advisor.
If you’re an art career coach or giving out tips on marketing my artwork or asking me to check out your new online artist community, don’t bother. Most online forums/niche networks for artists prey on the naïve and untalented. Twitter is my online art community.

You give away prizes if people retweet you.
If you’re really worth following, you don’t need gimicks. Earn followers the old-fashioned way–by consistently having interesting things to say.

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  • 2. mariekazalia  |  November 27, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    Your comment re: most online forums/niche networks for artists prey on the naive and untalented–has merit IMO.

    But the fact that you used the word *most* indicates that there are exceptions. Sometimes artists get together and form groups to gross-promote help each other grow and learn–as is the case with the Artist Marketing Resources group. Maybe a more fashionable name for the group would make all the difference? Any suggestions?

  • 3. Jean Calomeni  |  December 1, 2010 at 5:37 AM

    Very helpful. Boy, I sure do appreciate tips like this. And you just confirmed my decision to unfollow someone today who tweets almost 30-40 times a day. Wow, that was irritating. Good post!


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