Twitter Reviews – September 2010

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Prelude to an Apocalypse @ Pedersen (***) Rose’s severe landscape of intense red & purple against sickly ochre & olive is eerily menacing.
11 Sep via TweetDeck

Roland Reiss: Selections from 60s @ Andi Campognone (***) Andi’s new space looks great. Excited to see Roland’s resin work in person. #artLA
11 Sep via TweetDeck

Michael McMillen @LALOUVER (*****) Miniatures amazing. I thought I was hearing sounds & smelling odors that weren’t actually there. #artLA
27 Sep via TweetDeck

Carlee Fernandez @ ACME. (*****) Taxidermy drained of any morbidity by the gorgeous tactility and colors of fur & feathers. #artLA
27 Sep via TweetDeck

Fernandez @ ACME: The intertwining bobcats & birds echo the connection of child strapped to mother in her photograph. #artLA
27 Sep via TweetDeck

Deborah Aschheim @ Edward Cella (****) Real melancholic sense of a fading utopian afterglow. Ink on Dura-lar perfect medium. #artLA
27 Sep via TweetDeck

Ana Rodriguez @ Steve Turner (****) Paintings could have stood on their own without the fake cakes. #artLA
27 Sep via TweetDeck

Eamon Ore-Giron @ Steve Turner (**) Music poster/album imagery through tribal cutout patterns underwhelming, bordering on passé. #artLA
27 Sep via TweetDeck

Devon Troy Strothers @ Richard Heller (****) Construction paper collages of dance crowds have great energy. Love all the afros. #artLA
27 Sep via TweetDeck

Billy Zane @ Frank Pictures (**) Not as bad as expected, yet trite, 8th-generation AbEx imitations of Gottlieb & Pollock by a celeb. #artLA
27 Sep via TweetDeck

Mark Manders @hammer_museum (**) Know how when UR high U think you’ve got brilliant ideas but then U come down & find they’re just stupid?
27 Sep via TweetDeck

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