Twitter Reviews – August 2011

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Marclay: #TheClock @LACMA (****) I had limited viewing time & was made acutely aware of actual time flying by. Amazing editorial feat.

1 Aug via TweetDeck

Periodically revisiting clock-watching films like Nick of Time & 3:00 High gave #TheClock a sense of storytelling & continuity.

1 Aug via TweetDeck

Also Marclay used more than time to unite the scenes in #TheClock linking sequential clips w/ themes like rain, trains, gears, phones, etc.

1 Aug via TweetDeck

Recognition of familiar characters & identifying films in #TheClock conjured pleasure in a sense of shared culture.

1 Aug via TweetDeck

Now when I watch old movies & I see a watch or a clock in a scene, I wonder if that clip is in #TheClock. Wish I could have seen more.

1 Aug via TweetDeck

End of Summer Party @ Peter Blake (****) Marvelous work by Johnson, Couwenberg, Gleason, DeLap, Burtch & others. Could have done w/o Lita.

22 Aug via TweetDeck

Cast resin wall sculpture by Eric Johnson in the End of Summer Party exhibition @ Peter Blake Gallery

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Kristin Calabrese @svlap (***) Goofy but just mildly amusing, however, I did get a kick out of “Sabotage Bitch.” #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Monique Van Genderen @svlap (**) Boring, clichéd abstractions. Small ones should have been tossed in dumpster as failed experiments. #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Last year I thought it was good 2 see Monique trying something new, but after this show @svlap I say go back to the vinyl. #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Mindy Shapero @svlap (**) Schizoid show. Looks like she’s groping around in the dark after her impressive obsessive paper sculptures. #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Cityscape Show @ George Billis (***) Tight theme w/ the exception of 2 out-of-place treescapes–good vibe overall. A bit too crowded. #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Lay of the Land @ Angles (***) Something wrong w/ installation. Overexposed photos+florescent light+white walls=glare & squinting. #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Dion Johnson @ Western Proj (*****) Superliciously hot hard-edge abstraction that reads as huge stylized vertical & diagonal “drips.” #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Johnson @ Western Proj: Hung w/ some welcome breathing room. Eye-popping colors show off finesse w/ both opaque & translucent layers. #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Kirsten Everberg @ 1301PE (***) Bradbury Bldg interiors of grids & scrollwork & swamps w/ drippy palms. Some dead-on others look unfinished.

27 Aug via TweetDeck

Post 9-11 @OHWOWGallery (**) Textual work seems heartfelt but mostly poser angst from this vainglorious rebel clique. #artLA

27 Aug via TweetDeck

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