Twitter Reviews – August 2012

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Ends of the Earth @MOCAlosangeles (***) I really wanted to love this show, as I’ve always been partial to earth work… #EotEMOCA
5:37 PM – 16 Aug 12

The significance of land art is undeniable, and the success of this show would be a great way to taunt Broad/Deitch but… #EotEMOCA
6:01 PM – 16 Aug 12

It’s so hard to get the emotional impact the real thing has/had with a lot of crude documentary photography and video. #EotEMOCA
6:03 PM – 16 Aug 12

The actual sculptures and installations like the Harrison’s Hog Pasture or Aycock’s, Clay #2 held the most potency. #EotEMOCA
6:04 PM – 16 Aug 12

But they were too few among the surrogate documentation which overwhelmed the space. #EotEMOCA
6:04 PM – 16 Aug 12

It takes much of the joy out of it, making it too much like art history homework. #EotEMOCA
6:06 PM – 16 Aug 12

There were also a few nit-picky things that bugged me. I lamented the absence of De Maria and Heizer… #EotEMOCA
6:11 PM – 16 Aug 12

(Although the reason for declining to participate is the exact complaint I have.) #EotEMOCA
6:12 PM – 16 Aug 12

Also, I know everyone hates wall texts, but in a roomful of conceptual work, why only put an explanatory label on every 5th piece? #EotEMOCA
6:13 PM – 16 Aug 12

A lot of stuff was out there with no context, narration, description, nada. #EotEMOCA
6:14 PM – 16 Aug 12

Hey, I’m not neophyte, but I still felt like I should have carried the catalog around the museum with me. #EotEMOCA
6:16 PM – 16 Aug 12

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